WatchMary's "Snow" Adele Parody

Mary Morris, an elementary school teacher in Tennessee, has a gift of writing fun and witty parodies. Come back here tonight as she makes her debut as "Adele" in a parody video produced by InnerDigital.

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This project is a particular favorite here at InnerDigital, LLC. What began as a neat thought, turned into a YouTube success.

Mary Morris, a friend of everyone here at InnerDigital, is a 3rd Grade teacher at Rush Strong Elementary in Strawberry Plains, TN. As you will discover, she is not only a teacher but a very talented singer known for her creative parodies related to everyday classroom experiences. Jonathan and Lisa have known Mary for over 7 years and have enjoyed hearing her parodies to popular songs. A few weeks ago, Lisa told Mary that we would be interested in shooting a music video for one of her songs when she was ready. 

The night before the first day back from Christmas break, Mary wrote “Snow” to Adele’s hugely popular “Hello” which she performed the next day at teacher inservice. The lyrics tell of snow days from a teacher’s perspective. Later that evening, Mary posted a cell phone video of the song she performed and had no idea her song would go viral! She received over 80,000 views in just two days! Two weeks later, it reach 400,000!

After seeing Mary’s video on Facebook, the InnerDigital team knew this was the song we needed to record for her. So, we quickly organized a storyboard, ordered snow machines, and other production equipment needed to make Mary’s video shine! The InnerDigital team spent 7 days filming and editing “Snow” in hopes to share a funny, high-quality music video teachers and students around the world can enjoy. We wanted to recreate some of Adele’s iconic scenes and toss in a few of our own.  


This project was a blast for the team! Mary’s fun personality, amazing vocal talent, and creativity made this project come to life! Some of the team’s highlights of the day were filming the silly classroom scenes, hazing up the set with Atmosphere Aerosol, and of course the Adele hair and makeup treatment! Thank you to Amanda McKnight with Southern Sirens for makeup artistry. 

We hope you enjoy “Snow!” And Here’s to more snow days!

By: Laura Jones, Accounts & Social Media Manager 

Photos by: Lisa Price Photography