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Backup Terms & Conditions


CLIENT acknowledges that the following AUTHORIZATIONS, REPRESENTATIONS AND LIMITATIONS  are applicable in connection with all Services rendered by InnerDigital to the CLIENT. 

Authorization – CLIENT hereby acknowledges that InnerDigital has been granted authorization to connect to and remotely access CLIENT’s network from any host when said connection is necessary to carry out the Services hereunder.  CLIENT agrees to grant InnerDigital permission to install the required remote communication software and to allow InnerDigital remote access to CLIENT’s equipment and data files for the purpose of providing the Services hereunder. CLIENT further agrees to allow InnerDigital to collect, copy and retrieve data stored in CLIENT’s network as is necessary to perform the Services hereunder. 

CLIENT’s Responsibilities – It is CLIENT’s responsibility (a) to provide and consistently maintain a stable high speed internet connection to allow InnerDigital to remotely access CLIENT’s network to perform the Services hereunder; (b) to protect the information on CLIENT’s computer equipment by installing and maintaining anti-virus software, updating CLIENT’s operating system and applications, password protecting CLIENT’s files, and limiting third party access to CLIENT’s equipment; (c) to maintain local backups of important data as the primary source for which to restore data; (d) to maintain original installation media and licensing for all software in the event reinstallation is required, and (e) to obtain support from the manufacturer of the software purchased and installed on CLIENT’s computers.

Privacy – CLIENT acknowledges that InnerDigital will use reasonable efforts to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of CLIENT’s confidential information and data. InnerDigital will not seek to decrypt CLIENT’s data. 

Limitation of Liabilities – CLIENT acknowledges that InnerDigital will not be liable for data loss or third party data recovery service costs. CLIENT acknowledges that InnerDigital will not be liable for any problems arising from third party software installed on CLIENT’s computer by InnerDigital technicians, CLIENT, or other third party. CLIENT acknowledges that InnerDigital may inadvertently back up files that are no longer usable due to corruption from viruses, software malfunctions or other causes. This may result in restoring files that are no longer usable. CLIENT acknowledges that InnerDigital will not be held liable for lost data due to hardware failure, virus, spyware, corruption or any other situation. Under no circumstances shall InnerDigital be liable to CLIENT or any other person for any damages, including, without limitation, any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, expenses costs, profits, lost savings or earnings, lost or corrupted data, or other liability arising out of or related to the Services provided hereunder,  or out of the installation, de-installation, use of, or inability to use CLIENT’s computer equipment, hardware, peripherals, or the network as a result of the Services provided hereunder. CLIENT acknowledges that InnerDigital shall not be liable for any unauthorized remote and/or electronic access of CLIENT’s network by unauthorized third parties.

Termination of Services If InnerDigital’s ability to render services is impaired by CLIENT’s failure to cooperate, by CLIENT’s failure to install the proper software or hardware, or by CLIENT’s failure to maintain a proper high speed internet connection, or by any circumstances beyond the control of InnerDigital, InnerDigital may discontinue providing Services to CLIENT. If service is discontinued pursuant to this section, then CLIENT shall release InnerDigital as provided hereinafter.
□ Both parties can terminate this Services Acknowledgment Form, with or without cause, by giving the other party a thirty (30) day written notice. If service is discontinued pursuant to this section, then CLIENT shall release InnerDigital as provided hereinafter.

Release – By utilizing and paying for InnerDigital’s cloud-backup Services, CLIENT agrees to release and hold harmless InnerDigital from and against any loss, liability, or damage, including without limitation, any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, expense, costs, profits, lost savings or earnings or liability that CLIENT may suffer arising out of, or related to, the Services provided hereunder. This includes but is not limited to data loss or lack of function in any component or element of your computer system and/or peripherals as a result of InnerDigital’s actions or the actions of its employees, agents, or third-party service providers. CLIENT agrees that InnerDigital’s total liability for damages related to its provision of Services hereunder is limited to the total amount you pay for such services, and CLIENT releases InnerDigital from liability for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages.

The company name and payee listed on the customer’s backup services invoice, is acknowledged as  a duly authorized officer or principal in the company, for and in consideration of these services being performed by InnerDigital and other good and valuable consideration, does hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and am fully aware of the contents and terms of these herby services and conditions. The customer of InnerDigital services accepts and consents to these terms and is be bound by them. 

Update v1.1.22