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  • InnerDigital launches program to assist with business continuity amidst the COVID-19 crisis.
InnerDigital launches program to assist with business continuity amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

MORRISTOWN, TN MARCH, 22 2020 – InnerDigitial, a leading provider of managed IT services, voice and web solutions, announced it will be offering complimentary video conferencing services to organizations completely free of charge for the next 6 months. The offer has been released in the wake of the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, which has forced governments to close schools, businesses and services across the globe.

The company is hoping to support local businesses during the crisis by providing free communications software, enabling employees to work seamlessly from home without interruption. The free business solution is available as of today. InnerDigital is also opening up the same solution for telehealth programs geared toward the medical industry.

“With the Covid-19 outbreak, there is an unprecedented need for teams to be able to work remotely. In an effort to assist companies transition to a remote workforce as smoothly and painlessly as possible, we are offering 6 months free of InnerDigital’s Video Conferencing solution. We hope, with this small gesture, we are able to alleviate some of the financial burdens this virus is posing on businesses and on the economy at large.” announced Jonathan Price, CEO, InnerDigital.

The software includes features such as smartphone apps and a web app which allows users to make and receive calls, see the status of their colleagues, chat, schedule conferences and access the company phonebook, all from their mobile devices or laptop. 

Additionally, it includes access to video conferencing and collaboration tools for face-to-face virtual meetings. Companies looking to keep open a line of communication with their customers can do so with our Live Chat and Talk website plugin. All of this is integrated with the free software InnerDigital is offering. 

InnerDigital has set up a special page on its website for companies wishing to obtain a free license. This limited time offer will be valid until August and is available for the first 100 companies, with 5 or more employees, that  apply. 

For further information and to register for the free InnerDigital video conferencing software, please visit

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