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InnerDigital supports VR Project ‘War Up Close’ that sheds Light on Human Cost of War in Ukraine

Knoxville, TN – InnerDigital, a leading provider of professional virtual tours, has partnered with Ukraine native Nick Omelchenko to locally showcase “War Up Close,” a virtual reality exhibition that has been featured around the world. The project aims to raise awareness of the scale of devastation in Ukraine and bear witness to the victims of war.

The inaugural exhibition opened on February 22, 2023, at the Victims of Communism Museum in Washington, DC, where diplomats, government officials, and the local community attended. The exhibit features nine thematic installations that bring to life the brutal, bloody, and heartbreaking truth of “War Up Close.” Visitors are virtually transported to the cities torn apart by a ruthless invasion, facing the physical remains of destroyed buildings and objects from across Ukraine through 360-degree video, photo, and VR content.

“We’re honored to partner with Mr. Omelchenko to showcase the ‘War Up Close’ project at various venues in Tennessee,” said Jonathan Price, CEO at InnerDigital. “We believe that virtual reality can be a powerful tool for raising awareness of important issues, and we’re proud to be a part of this effort to highlight the atrocities of war and promote peace. The VR experience immerses viewers as deep as possible into the epicenter of this Ukrainian tragedy.”

Through the partnership with InnerDigital, Omelchenko hopes to reach an even wider audience and continue to raise awareness of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. “I created ‘War Up Close’ to bring attention to the human cost of war,” said Omelchenko. “I’m grateful to InnerDigital for their support in this effort, and I’m excited to see where this partnership will take us.”

Now residing in East Tennessee, Omelchenko seeks to engage local government officials, school board members, and museum directors for speaking engagements and sponsorships for future exhibitions in Tennessee and beyond. InnerDigital invites you to learn more and connect with Mr. Omelchenko through our “War Up Close” landing page at

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