Send Business

Text Messages​

Unlimited Messaging
​$35/mo base + $9.99/mo per line

Get started with a unified communications suite to send and receive business SMS/MMS messages.


Do your employees still use consumer apps and personal numbers to send and receive business SMS messages?

With the 3CX mobile apps for iOS and Android, users can send and receive instant text messages with a designated business phone number, without giving out their personal mobile number.​ This elements major security concerns and allows for seamless business continuity.

Incoming text messages can be assigned to queues so there’s no relying on a single agent to respond. This means that no message goes unanswered, even if an agent is out of office or on holiday – response rates will increase as will your customer service satisfaction!

​Answer incoming messages, send out appointment reminders, and use SMS marketing to boost business and drive customer engagement. It takes just minutes to set up in the 3CX Management Console!

Send SMS from

your business number

Send and receive SMS / MMS from the web & smartphone apps.

Route incoming text messages directly to queues not individuals.

Send promotional texts with latest offers & deals.

One-way SMS with alphanumeric sender ID for notifications.


Keep your personal

mobile number private

Message customers through business text, not personal apps.

Send text messages, links and more at no additional cost.

BYOD but text using a corporate number.

Simple to use. Save money on 3rd party services.

Manage messages and

increase productivity

SMS, Facebook & Live Chat messages are centrally managed.

Prioritize messages in the queue. Ensure timely replies.

Includes reports for insights into text messaging effectiveness.

Match contacts to an integrated CRM for universal contact tracking

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